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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Lovely, Dark and Deep

This weekend kicked ass. Here are some highlights:

-- Meeting a group of excellent friends at C'est What.

-- Discovering the scotch menu at C'est What (Laphroaig!)

-- Watching Julie Wilson's sunburn develop, like a polaroid, over the period of a couple of hours.

-- Attending a secret "Skullfist" show and hanging out in the parking lot, drinking beer from Mark Coatsworth's Enormous Messenger Bag of Awesome

-- Mishearing the band's name and referring to them as "Skullfish" in front of some very cool metal dudes that I totally just met.

-- Attending a Metal BBQ (I didn't even know they had Metal BBQs) and watching an huge Iranian man grill lamb while smoking a cigar.

-- Playing badminton with a bunch of metal dudes, who all talked excellent trash and made fun of each other when their wrist spikes got caught in the net.

-- Seeing "Moon" and the Carleton, and then sitting around drinking coffee at the Golden Griddle so we could talk about claustrophobia, hallucinations and Windsor, Ontario.

-- Eating my very first roti from Ghandi Roti. My life (and relationship to mutter paneer) will never be the same.

-- Watching the Bruce MacDonald opus Hard Core Logo. "So don't tell us that Bucky Haight wasn't shot, 'cause we were there. We touched his stump."

-- 2:30pm breakfast at Fran's.

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