Natalie Zed: Defying Gravity

Sunday, March 22, 2009

what the cat dragged in

Every now and then, in a fit of vanity, I scan the internet for any personal detritus that might be clogging up the interweb. There's the usual glut of tour and book stuff, a few pictures and cameos on friends blogs. Today, I happened to find a doozy.

When I was about sixteen or so, I participated in an online poetry/critique message board called Poetry Tonight. The site has long since been confined to an electronic graveyard. One piece I posted on Poetry Tonight attracted the attention of another frequent contributor, Papa Yolk, who included it in an online zine he put together. And wouldn't you know it still exists.

Here's a poem by sixteen-year-old me, complete with bonus author pic. Please look at how skinny I am.


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