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Monday, October 06, 2008

Surrealism in point form

I've fallen behind a bit in my updating. What could be keeping me so busy? In reverse chronological order:

Sunday, Oct 5th: twitched, moaned, and stayed in my pajamas.

Saturday, Oct 4th: bought a 3'x4' canvas, acrylic paint, and drop cloths. supervised the the inflation of 1000 helium baloons. laughed hysterically at my boss' voice under the influence of helium. attended Nuit Blanche festivities, where I witnessed a chorys of poets at St. Thomas' church, a man dressed as Elvis eating a watermelon, and pig heads mounted in potted plants. Ate an entire soft shelled crab at 3am.

Friday, Oct. 3rd: Spent the evening with very old friend. Discovered Thumb Cats, a pair of very cute kittens that weren't just polydactyl but in possession of full-on opposable thumbs, in a sketchy pet store in chinatown. drank at the Victory.

Thursday, October 2nd: got lost on king and bought a beautiful pair of boots. attended the launch of Derek MacCormack's The Show That Smells at the Trash Palace with Bill and Lily. ate a hotdog and drank Pabst Blue Ribbon; had a shot of JDwith the bartender. Watched the last third of Tod Browning's The Unknown. Went to Disgraceland and ate a peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwich. Was accused of treating eating as an extreme sport. Came home at 2am and ate another meal, prepared by a apron-wearing Gennie.

Wednesday, October 1st: attended Influency. met a man named Omaha Rising. studied Meredith Quartermain's Matter. Learned that Roget was the president of the Royal Society of Britain just before Darwin. Talked about poetry and rhisomes andw riggling things.

Tuesday, September 30th: Went to Staples with Gennie and bought a red Swingline stapler and a pack of cinnamon gum.

Monday, September 29th: watched MST3K and tried to stay off my feet.

Sunday, September 28th: went to the Clothing Show with angela and Lily. walked around for 5 hours in New Shoes (eeep) and bought a ton of beautiful stuff. Mostly tweed. ate crepes and ice cream. cleaned out my closet until sweet oblivion embraced me.

Saturday, September 27th: attended a chili-and-bladerunner party at Sampucker's. Bill brought a spectacularly smelly cheese that various people mistook for the aroma of a) their own body odour, b) their own breath, c) someone else breath, or d) crotch sweat. Walked home with Lily at 3am, all the way up St. Clair.

It's always so strange to point-form my days. Really, all this was happening? It seems surreal, and helps me fall in love with my life by tiny increments.


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