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Monday, September 08, 2008

Things that have actually happened in the last 5 days

- attended a Cheap Trick/ Heart/ Journey concert with a raw, Connor Green and Aaron Tucker

- watched a very drunk dude play air-guitar and spill his beer on someone while trying to kick his leg over his head, then drop his pants and declare very loudly that he'd always wanted to get a blow-job while listening to Journey's "Faithfully"

- turned down weed offered to me by a very sketchy dude. Sketchy Dude then tried to convince me to take the weed by saying that it was laced with cocaine. When I was still (shockingly!) not interested, he stormed off, angry at these kids nowadays who just didn't know how to party properly

- found my way to Scarberia all by myself

- attended an estate sale and bought a killer coffee table, a gorgeous hand-crocheted table cloth, and a bottle of 1974 Canadian whisky

- ate great fish and chips at Duckworth's

- ate deep fried camembert, parpadelle with duck confit and shitake mushrooms, and tarte au citron at La Palette

- listened to Sigor Ross, recoiled at a picture of a geoduck, and almost stole a canister made of cinnamon bark at a-raw's 30th birthday party

- got up very, very early and very hungover to go to Ikea

- put together a lot of furniture

- ate taco meatloaf

- drank the Chardonnay I bought from the village of Chardonnay while on Honeymoon in Paris this April

- attended my first day of work and overheard the phrase "I can't have any pizza; I have this thing? I lack something? Wait, I remember now. I can't have the cheese because I'm a lactard!"

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