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Friday, March 07, 2008

Print Shop Girl

Through a truly hilarious series of events, I am now employed again. I did not expect nor intend, really, to be employed. The short version of these events is that Ed and I had a small freakout about money a couple of weeks ago. Even with a team The Best Friends On Earth, moving was still a very expensive undertaking. Our rent is also going up, our car needed a lot of unexpected work, we're going on our Honeymoon in April, and we want to keep our debt under control. We talked about it a little, and I brought up the possibility of going back to work. Ed was initially opposed to the idea, but softened after a day or so. I had it in mind that after the move, I'd look for something temporary, something part-time, something that would just get us over this financial hump.

A day or two later, Neil mentioned some changes that were going on at his place of employment, Big Oil Campany. Apparently, a few people left in the middle of a project. They needed someone to fill in a bit, just for six weeks until the project ended. I spent ten minutes putting together a resume and a cover letter with one egregious spelling error and sent it off.

Within a day, The Friday Before the Move, I received a phone call and had an interview scheduled for Monday. This interview might have to go down as the Silliest Interview Ever. I came in, wearing my one Acceptable Corporate Outfit (grey slacks and a black blouse), and had the job described to me and offered to me before I could get a word in edgewise. The job paid well, and seemed to be easy and relatively stress free, so I accepted.

Thus far, my job is hilarious. Neil and I now work on the same floor, so there are certainly hijinks, but so far even more silly than the hijinks in the job itself.

I print things. Seriously. I queue up documents and print them. Then I collate the prints and put an elastic around the bundles I collate so they can be checked and mailed out.

That's it.

There is no way i could do this full time forever. Six weeks is perfectly reasonable. Much longer, and I think my face would fall off if this was all I did every day. But as a temp position, with cool coworkers, it's almost unbelievably perfect as a solution to our current financial crunch. it also strikes me as a near a great job to keep around as a very-part-time gig in my back pocket -- and they're already making noise about retaining me in exactly that capacity, maybe coming in a day or two a week to help out in the print centre at the busiest times.

I have a new job. I print things. This is going to be an adventure.


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