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Thursday, February 14, 2008


About 6 months ago, we got rid of our very old futon. It had served us long and well, been there for may friends and guests who stayed with us, but it was time to move on. I freecycled it and started looking for something new. I promptly came across a plaid, tweedy little pull-out couch that looked like it might just be the thing. When Ed picked the couch up and brough it home, though, I was dismayed to discover it was in far worse condition than advertised. It was clean, but very old. The mattress was poky, the cushions very worn. It was also just uglier than I'd hoped. We put up with is until we could find another solution.

And oh, did another solution ever present itself.

When Ed and I went to PAX last year, we discovered a company called Sumo. Sumo does one thing: make huge, ultra comfy, ultra durable...things. They're like enormous bean bag chairs, 4.5' by 5.5'. Ed may have mentioned these things in his post--PAX post here. Every hallway, every gaming room at PAX was filled with the things.

I napped on them twice, and spent untold hours crashed out on them playing multiplayer Picross. We always joked about getting some for our own place, but we really didn't have room for them. Also, we were still pretending to be grown-ups.

Now we're moving. We are not moving the couch; it is either being donated or going to the dumpster. We talked about it, gave in to our own ridiculous, and purchased 3 Sumo Omni super-pillows to serve as our living room set in the new place.

They just arrived.

We were going to wait until we were proper moved to unpack them. Instead, we tossed the couch in the garage, opened them immediately and dove on them.

Holy crap are these things comfortable. First of all, they're huge. I can fit all on me into one if it's laying flat. They also completely suck out all the tension and energy from your limbs, which might make you too weak with comfort to even reach for the remote or properly work a controller. As well, they offer a surprising amount of support, do to their infinitely reconfigurable properties.

They also appear to be indestructible. Liquid just slides off, repelled. Lydia, Princess of the Pointy Feet, hasn't been able to so much pull a thread, let alone rip it.
We've unpacked the orange and brown pillows, but don't yet have room for the red one. Soon, though, very soon, on our new place, all three will be displayed in all their ridiculous glory. We are considering making some sort of gesture toward being adults and getting a Normal Chair for the room as well.

Probably not though.

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