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Friday, February 15, 2008

Stupid Cats

The first suck thing about the new apartment has surfaced.

When we were first filling out our application, I was very honest about the fact that we have 2 cats. We knew that pets were allowed in the building, and so had no problem declaring the fact that two felines would be occupying the space as well. We filled out the initial paperwork, signed the preliminary agreement, and paid the deposit, all without incident.

Today, I get a call from our new landlord, D, who sounds jumpy. Apparently she missed the line of the application where I stated that we had two cats. She assures me cats are allowed, but that there are certain provisions that need to be built into the lease.

Provisions like a $250 deposit. That's NONREFUNDABLE. Per animal.

D does apologize, and says that if it means we're no longer interested in the place, she completely understands, we can cancel everything without penalty. Ed and I talk it over and decide that looking for a new place is not an option either. We love the apartment, we have no desire to look at other horrible places, and we've already given our current landlords notice, so we have to be out by the end of the month. So we're planning to suck it up and pay.

This is coming 2 days after all 4 of our brakes had to either be replaced or retooled, which came in at a mere $502. There's also all the boxes and moving supplies, and we still have to pay for the move itself. Oh, and make that trip to Ikea where we blow all our savings.

Damn stupid cats. First they break a limb and max out your debt, then they add untold hundreds to your damage deposit. Seriously folks: get a fish.

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