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Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Pre-Brokening

Yesterday, Ed and I went to Ikea to figure out exactly how we're going to spend a sizable chunk of our life savings the weekend after we move. There's a lot of furniture that is old, second- or third-hand when we got it, and is just not worth moving. This is because we're certain some will fall apart in transit or we're just flat our not willing to lift and carry a, say, shelving unit that wobbles like a drunk with vertigo or a dresser that sheds sawdust onto your underpants every time you open a damn drawer. We're freecycling the vast majority of it, and throwing out what can't be salvaged or even given away in good conscience.

So we need to replace some crap furniture with some decent furniture. We also need some more shelving to accommodate the ever-expanding book collection (taking into account I am starting my PhD in the fall, so we need some room for growth), some kitchen storage, and maybe a bedspread that doesn't have a hole in it.

We'd gone through the outdated catalogue we had, made a few notes, flagged some pages with stickies, and consulted the website. However, in the end, there was no getting around it: a visit to Ikea was necessary to complete the planning. So Ed and I grabbed out clipboards and measuring tape and various writing instruments and headed to Ikea.

After our fabulous $1 breakfasts, we hit the store.

We didn't buy anything.

Somehow we managed to avoid the hypnotic gas that usually floods Ikea, rendering all shoppers within unable to sense either the passage of time or the passage of money out of their chequing accounts. We kept moving, made meticulous notes, and fled before the fumes overcame us.

In the end, we've decided to pick up an Udden, a Beddinge Lovas, a Leksvik, a Molgar, a Norden, an Expedit, and a laundry bun whose name escapes me. And maybe some extra sheets. =)

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