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Monday, February 18, 2008

The Other Move

When you relocate, you actually move twice: first, you move out of the old place, and then you move into the new place. These can actually be regarded as two separate moves that happen to occur at the same time, often on the very same day. I, foolishly, thought that the moving out process would be the easy part, as we had time to pack and organize and go through stuff. Looking for apartment and then actually acquiring the apartment I wanted seemed like the hardest part of the process, and then it was all a lovely denoument until the moving truck arrived.

You may all laugh at me now.

In order to take the Dream Apartment, we had to give our current landlords short notice of our departure. When I first relayed the happy news, they dismayed. They were really counting on the income from our continued occupation of the suite to help them get through the very involved process of selling their house. Us giving short notice meant we were still on the hook here for March, and it briefly seemed that we were going to have to pay rent for two separate apartments that month. And they wouldn't take it out of our damage deposit. But we'd get our damage deposit back, so it might be a wash. Well, if there weren't any repairs they had to make. So maybe.

As it turned out, this most recent kick in the financial ballsack has turned out to be a bit gentler than originally advertised. Our landlords have agreed to split March's rent with us, and if I clean as I have never cleaned before to get this place in shape before the inspection, we might just get our damage deposit back. Once again, our landlords are awesome. We will miss them.

Only a gigantic kitchen with a dishwasher and a new island can assuage the loss. =)


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