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Friday, February 22, 2008

Thumbscrews Roundup

ryan and I were most recently reviewed by Christian Bok on The Poetry Foundation website.

ryan and I had our book reviewed in the Herald .

Rob Mclennan just published two excellent reviews on his blog, one of Thumbscrews and one on Jill Hartman and Brea Burton's Booty. Check them out here.

The Norwegian online magazine nypoesi has published a selection from Thumbscrews as well as a review by derek beaulieu -- the same review that recently appeared in FFWD.

Sina Queyras conducted an interview with me and published a selection from Thumbscrews on her blog, Lemon Hound.

FFWD interviewed ryan and I about the tour.

Pearl Pirie reviewed our Ottawa performance.

The Edmonton Journal did an article on the tour.

The Calgary Herald did a feature on us and the tour.

Amanda Earl also reviewed our performance in Ottawa.

Here's a great pic of my tattoo by Charles Earl.

here's a thing about the Calgary Extravaganza.

We showed up in the Ottawa Poetry Newsletter.

I'll add to the list as I continue to google myself in a shameless display of narcissism.


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