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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Will you still need me, will you still feed me...

...when I'm twenty-four?

Yesterday was my birthday. With everything else that's happened lately, I barely had time to even think about it coming up. It was an ambush birthday. Suddenly I had a day off, and before I could even get out of my pajamas two beautiful bouquets had arrived from my father-in-law and my Gennie. The newest, super-slick issue of Foursquare happened tp show up in the mail that morning too. My brother, Fiddy, and Meaghan soon dropped by to take me out to breakfast and book shopping. Fiddy even let me buy the copy of Of Grammatology the he was lucky enough to fine.

Neil came by around noon, still nursing a hangover, and we saw Transformers. While I agree that Michael Bay is a courge of contemporary cinema, and seeing his movies will only enocurage him, I enjoyed the hell out of this movie. It was beautifully shot, the effects were great (especially the sound and foley work), and the baby geek in me squee'ed for joy every time Optimus Prime was on screen. There were robots and explosions. I really can't complain.

That evening, Ed and I went to dinner at Big Fish. The service was exceptional and the fod very good, though I know I would have enjoyed my grilled salmon more if Alberta wasn't the temperature of the surface of the sun right now. I held icecubes in my hands and put them in my shoes in a vain attempt to keep cool. The steamed clams with lemongrass were particularly awesome. Even Ed tried one.

The highlight of the meal, though, was unquestionably the scotch I had after dinner: A 21-year-old Springbank that was supple and leathery with just a hint of smoke, with a really suprising fresh, exotic note (green apples and lychee) running though it. That freshness made it perfect for summer and for a meal featuring fish. I really, really wanted to run out and buy a bottle. I wonder if I should just give in and start a Scotch collection.

After I returned from alcohol nirvana, we hopped across town to have dinner at Nectar in Inglewood. I've had Rebekah Pearse's desserts before, but never visited her new space. Ed had the Chocolate Experience, and I had a darjeeling-tea flavoured creme brulee. Both were exceptional. I want to shedule a reading in the space, maybe in October, and pair some poetry with the spicy hot chocolate.

Afterwards, fat and happy, we stumbled home, recollected Neil, and stayed up far too late drinking wine and chatting with Natalee, Jeremy, Angela and Jonathan, sitting on the linoleum of the upstairs kitchen the coolest place in the house) talking about sharks and bears and families. By the time I fell in to bed, I hallucinated that I could see the faintest glimmer of blue outside, but managed to convince myself I as making it up.

Today still felt like my birthday. Despite having to work, I got a glass of very good shiraz fromt he folks next door, a chalkboard was decforated in my honour, and the Cheese Overlords rewarded me with a Cookbook Company gift certificate. Afterwards, Tara and I popped in to see Neil at the drunkening Part 2, and watched an episode of Planet Earth. Now, because I am young and cool and in the prime of my life, I am going to bed by 10 pm and hopefully sleeping for at least 12 hours. Also, my pajamas have frogs on them.

I can't be too grown up, after all.

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