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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Meatball Jr.

On Tuesday, I spent a good portion of the day at home. I had a brief meeting in the afternoon, but for most of the day I just read and lounged and basked in being Mostly Done.

My cats, however, were restless. They spent the day meowing and pawing and circling the floor around the hot water tanks. They were on Birdwatch 2007.

Once again, and bird had gotten in to one of the vents. This had hapened once or twice before. A sparrow would accidentally fall in, cheep for a bit, eventually find its way out or, on one occasion, find it's way out the wrong way and flap around my living room until we could escort it outside.

This bird was just not coming out. It fluttered and cheeped and seemed to be hvaing a really hard time. I went to my metting and returned. The bird was still there. The cats were rivetted. When the bird finally did emerge, they were determined To Be There.

At about 4pm, I heard a great commotion form the hallway. I assumed the bird had made its way out and the cats were having a fit. Then I heard the screaming.

I got to the hallway in time to see Lydia with the bird in her mouth, triumphant. the bird was pecking at her and sheiking with all it's tiny bird might. She dropped it; it ran (ran?) into the office. I shut the door, herded the cats into the apartment and went to see if the bird was okay.

The bird was nowhere to be found. An hour and a half later, when Ed came home, I was still looking. I'd pulled books off shelves, looked ebhind furniture, even gone through the closet. Nothing.

Edm who was exhausted, helped me look for a few minutes. Then he spotted my subwoofer. Cautiously he picked it up and tilted it; something inside fluttered. It had found a very small hole and hid inside.

Ed, exhausted and overcome with the surreality of it all, handed me a screwdriver, and shook his head, and went to bed.

I eventually succeeded in taking my woofer apart, and pulled out the bird. It was uninjured. It was also a baby. It would be flying soon, but not just yet.

Of course, we adopted it.

Just this morning, after a few short practice flights, it was strong and confident enough to fly up into a pine tree. It hasn't come down, so hopefully it's strong enough to rejoin it's flighted bretheren.

the cats are still somewhat disappointed that their snack reached maturity and escaped, but they're keeping a close eye on the vents in case another opportunity presents itself.

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