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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Clown Shoes

While looking at my brother's Facebook profile this afternoon, I came across a term with which I was unfamiliar. One of Mike's friends had called him 'clown shoes.' Befuddled, I asked my brother if this was a nickname, or a more general term of affection/insult.

This was his reply:

"'Clown shoes' is part of the vocabulary, only occaisionally an appropriate word. It's defined in the Mike Walschots Advanced Learner's Dictionary as, quote "pronoun: variation of the pronoun 'clown' which is used as a derogatory term against one who acts like the said type of entertainer. 'Clown shoes' is an improvement on such a term by implying that the individual being referred to has gotten to such a point of 'clowniness' that their character is manifested in all aspects of their appearance, presentation, etc. hence the conjuct term 'shoes' symbolizing here an aspect of one's 'clowny' personality being embodied in outward appearance.""

He is not allowed to move away.


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