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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

When Geeks Collide

Ed and I have a triumvirate of special occasions in the summer: My birthday, his birthday, and our anniversary all take place within roughly a month of each other between mid-July and mid-August. This alignment of our personal holidays means we often do one big thing, like take a trip or make a major purchase, rather than getting small individual presents for each discreet event.

This year, we've some up with a doozy.

At the end of August, Ed and I are going to PAX. That stands for Penny Arcade Expo for the cooler amoungst you, and with the scaling-down of E3 it is the biggest geek conference in North America. It's a three-day orgy of geekitude that includes video games out the wazoo, table-top and role-playing games, music, LAN paries, Omegathon -- nearly everything that makes me squee for joy. We've registered for the event, booked a hotel, and bought the plane tickets to Seattle.

I am so excited.

Ed and I are quite different from each other, but our unbridled nerdery is something I am very glad that we share. Our geekdom binds us together. We get each other's obscure references, we understand when one of us is stressed out because a penultimate dungeon is being a bitch, and we know that there is no such thing as too much hardware.

Looking back, we should have known we were meant for each other right off the bat. Soon after we started dating, we spent several weekends sitting in front of Ed's computer where I watched him play through Grim Fandango. Around the same time, Ed's former roommate Graham spent and entire evening reading us a Star Trek role playing he'd written and played through while we cackled with glee. We started reading George RR Martin's Song of Ice and Fire together. Ed's bedroom, where I lived with him in the Curry House, was a tangle of wire from his pc and my laptop, littered with books, and humming with all the electronics pulling power.

The longer we've been together, the more our geekery has thrived. When I was moving to Calgary, before I was even physically here I arranged to have a DSL connection set up so the very day I got here I had highspeed. As soon as Ed arrived, we bought a gamecube. With the money we got from our wedding, we bought a car...and a computer. Some of our biggest fights have been over a board game called Settlers of Catan -- to the point where the only really hard boundary in our relationship is that we do not play together. We started attending the SNRG together (I've been a member since 2004 -- Ed came along shortly in early 05). We've been in three D&D campaigns together with two different GMs. We've wrestled with a mutual WoW addiction and finally quit together. We own his-and-hers computers, and a pair of DSes, though we manage to share the Wii.

Now, for our anniversary, we shall attend the new Mecca of Geekdom. I shall don my Eternal Life t-shirt and Nintendo flip flops, grab my DS and Dr. Doom figurine, and spend PAX with my husband. I honestly can't think of a better way for us to celebrate our love than watching -- or playing in! -- Omegathon.

All of my base are belong to Ed.

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