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Thursday, April 12, 2007

one week

It's been one hell of a week. I have been a little tipsy for most of it. There are orange tulips next to my desk and well-wishes stuck to my fridge with magnets. I actually ordered a pizza for the first time in months because cooking? wasn't going to happen. Soon, I am going to stop buzzing and smiling randomly. I am going to stop talking about it now, I swear.

* * *

The SNRG conducted research on a Japanese movie called The Great Yokai War last night. Best. Film. Ever. Newborn calves with human faces that foretell of doom then bleed out its eyes? An ambulatory wall? Squirrel creatures that bleed tang and take shelter in cleavage? Villain defeated by a legume and a pop song? This movie has it all. I have given nothing away. I think it might be the best bargain-bin $8 Jeremy ever spent.

Tonight is the April Flywheel; it's also the U of C's Gala Reading for all the creative writing students, and the Frontenac House launch. This was actually the best Thursday this month to do it. The line up is darn good (Josh Smith, Jill Hartman, Laurie Fuhr and Caleb Zimmerman), so maybe the attendance will surprise me. Either way, it is going to be a good'un. Come out if you can.

After a hiatus of almost a week, today I go back to selling cheese. My last day or work was Good Friday. I think it's been the most unproductive 6 days ever in the history of mankind. And yet.

I spent some time on campus in the last few days. Just cleaned out my mailbox, got some forms, had a short meeting. I met some friends and had a pint. I saw some fellow students I hadn't seen in months. My stomach didn't feel like I'd swallowed ball bearings. I remember why I went into academia in the first place, and I'm just starting, just the littlest bit, to miss it. By 2008, I think I just might want this. I'm starting to feel that I'll be ready.

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