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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I'd like to introduce the newest member of the family

This is such a surprise.

A little while ago, Ed and I had talked about adding to our family, but we ultimately decided against it at the time. Our reasons were mostly financial. While it was certainly an investment in the future, we couldn't really justify the expense right then. We decided to wait til we were a little more financially stable. I knew it was the right decision, but I'd be lying if I said part of my wasn't disappointed.

Then I got the news about the book, and it looks like I'll be defending before the first day of summer. Things started to fall into place in our lives. Ed consulted with some dear friends, and decided that it was the perfect time to surprise me and take the plunge.

The newest member of our family weighs 7 lbs., and is a substantial 10" across. Its colouring looks just like its sisters'.

Introducing: Henrietta

She's a Le Creuset grill pan, and she's all ours. She's already done her first chicken breasts and some souvlaki pork. She's so smart, just like her daddy.

Look how shiny and sturdy she is! She's sure going to be a heartbreaker.

Here she's already managed to get all messy playing with the chicken. Such a little dickens. It's nothing a hot soapy bath won't fix.

I'm such a spastic new parent, but I'm just so enamoured with her. Martha the Food Processor and Ulrike the Mixer have taken to her well, but I think the frying pans are a bit jealous. They don't have the same enamel as she does. I expect a little sibling rivalry, and I'll have to make sure they don't feel too neglected. but right now I think the most important thing is for Henrietta and I to bond, laying the groundwork for a beautiful lifelong relationship.


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