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Sunday, April 29, 2007

back in the saddle

I just got back in to Cowtown after spending 5 days in Vancouver visiting Neil. I had an awesome time. It rained every single second I was in the city until it was time to leave. Then just as the cab pulled up to take us to the airport, the sun emerged. Suddenly the city was all golden and green and twinkly and Neil was very put out. Rain or no rain, it was good to see flowers again.

I may have mentioned in the first paragraph that I had an awesome time. It deserves mentioning. We took long walks and visited Neil's inukshuk. Everything was in bloom and the trees were dripping pink petals. Everything was pink.

We watched Grindhouse and The Namesake and The Lost Room and Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. Oh, and Underworld 2: Evolutions. I drank.

We went out for breakfast almost every day and Neil always got eggs benedict. We eventually had a little map of the restaurants near his place ranked in order of the quality of their eggs benny. We went out for Thai and Lebanese and Sushi. We sang karaoke with HatGirl and Folky and Fuckstick (who gets his own entry), where Neil did his Louis Armstrong and I did Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and we critiques the increasingly bizarre karaoke videos. We went to Ganville Island market and I didn't want to leave.

The last night I was there I made dinner: fresh pasta with bay scallops and broccolini in a really simple garlic and olive oil sauce. Just as we were sitting down to eat, the sun was setting. The clouds had finally broken and everything was orange and pink as the last of the light dribbled over the mountains.

On the place ride home Neil and I sat behind a little girl who couldn't have been two. Neil made faces at her and she tried to grab his fingers between the seats. She thought I was completely ridiculous and reached out to touch my hair and take off my glasses. The fact that I was alive amused her. Then I got off the plane an walked through the automatic doors and Ed laughed when he saw me. I think the fact that I am alive amuses him too.

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