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Monday, March 12, 2007

Speaking of Runt boobs...

Tara: ..I can't get the image of Azamat's man-breasts out of my mind.
Me: Best scene in all of Borat.
Tara: Disturbing.
Me: Want to know the worst part?
Tara: No. What?
Me: If they weren't covered in hair, and weren't attached to that man, those breats would be kind of...nice.
Tara: As much as I hate to, I agree. Azamat's breasts are actually quite...shapely.
Me: They are shapely moobs.
Tara: You know what else Azamat has?
Me: What?
Tara: A gunt.
Me: Ha!
Tara: I know.
Me: He has a double-decker gunt.
Tara: WHAT?!
Me: Well, there's the traditional, lower gunt obscuring his peen, and a second, upper, auxilliary gunt just above that one.
Tara: *wiping away tears* Is this going to show up on your blog?
Me: Verbatim.


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