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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Runt Boob of the Opera

Me: I've have some really interesting conversations with Neil lately.
Ed: Oh?
Me: He read The Phantom fo the Opera by Gaston Leroux.
Ed: Ah, that's right. He liked it?
Me: Yeah, he did. We had a great talk about anti-heroes and architecture, and how I identify with villains more readily--
Ed: Well, you're the same person.
Me: Huh?
Ed: Didn't you know you were the Phantom of the Opera?
Me: I am afraid that detail had escaped me.
Ed: Sure. I've read the books too.
Me: Right.
Ed: For the first part of your lives you were the exact same person.
Me: What?
Ed: You were weird, intelligent, built crazy stuff, and got the crap beaten out of you all the time.
Me: ...
Ed: *looks very proud of himself.*
Me: So that's your summary of my life.
Ed: Dude. If the Phantom was a short blond chick, he'd be you.
Me: Wow.
Ed: It's a real triumph of the human spirit.
Me: I am going to kill you in your sleep.
Ed: And the Phantom didn't even have to deal with the difficulty and heartbreak of having a runt boob.
Ed: It's okay. I love you for who you really are, inside. Under the Runt Boob.
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