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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

life is an icecube and I want my money back

I discovered a fascinating piece of information this morning: it is currently colder in Calgary (-30 to -39) that it is in Yellowknife in the Yukon Territories (-26 to -34).

I had been cold before I moved out here. I am Canadian, and therefore I own snowpants. But I'd been Ontario-cold before. Ontario-cold can be unpleasant, as it is a damp cold that no amount of performance fleece can properly keep at bay. It gets into your joints. It makes all your protective winter gear feel damp and chilly instead of toasty.

However, even at it's dampest and chillest, Ontario-cold is not FORTY DEGREES BELOW ZERO. Long underwear are no longer an option, but an absolute necessity to life if your life involves leaving the house. There is ice on the INSIDE of my windows in the kitchen and the office. There is ICE in the SHOWER. If my hair is not perfectly dry when I step outside, it freezes and I can hear it tinkling next to my ears as I walk the extra 10 blocks to work where the bus won't go. Few things make me more homicidally grumpy than my own frozen hair chiming in my ears.

Calgary is many things, and most of them good. Warm, however, is not among those things. It's during this time of the year that I begin to question, just a little, why I am here and not on the beach.

In other, less frigid news, Ed and I had dinner with Ed's sister, Lisa, brother-in-law, Vernon, and their three incredible kids: Devon, Megan and Lauren. Everytime I see them, I end up wondering aloud to Ed why we don't see them a heck of a lot more often. Lisa and Vernon's daughters are three perfect examples illustrating why I want to have kids myself. They're brilliant and positive and hilarious and say things that make me want to keep notes. They read voaciously and write their own stories and comic books and, in the case of the oldest, COMPOSE THEIR OWN MUSIC. When Ed and I visit, I always end up thinking 'if we can have kids like these, I can so do this procreation thing.'

We brought the Wii over, which had Vernon hooked at the moment he laid eyes on Zelda. Within an hour, Lisa, my very intelligent and rational sister-in-law, refused to give up the controller until she's properly thwomped all the available bunnies. We should be in Nintendo's payroll; Ed and I are excellent salespeople.

On this visit, I was also introduced to the hoagie. I had never before in my life experiences a hoagie. Like lamb, it was one of those things that was never served to me while I was growing up and, like lamb, my reaction upon trying one was "you people have kpet this from me ALL THIS TIME?!!" It does feature the Holy Triumvirate of Food (meat, cheese, and while bread), so that should have clued me in, but the butter and a sauteed onion took it from comfort food to something just a little sublime.

Lisa and Vernon invited us to have Christmas dinner with them and the girls, as we won't be going home foe the holidays this year. Another excuse to hang out with my cool in-laws and nieces? and Lisa is cooking? HECK YES.

While we aren't going home for Christmas, as I am going to be working like a maniac for the next month (yay overtime!), Ed is heading back to Ontario this week for a pre-Christmas visit. He's leaving late at night/very early in the morning Thursday/Friday, and will be gone until Monday the 11th. From the sound of it, he's already got quite a lot of Catan and drinking scheduled in there. I am sure he is going to have an awesome time not freezing to death. I am a little jealous. =)
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