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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

in the shop

It is a less-than-well-advertised fact that I am currently in Ontario. I've been staying with my family for a week today and on Friday I'lll be heading off to visit friends. I didn't realize how much I needed this. I had no iea how tired I was until I saw the bedroom I'd slept in for the first 19 years of my life. There's a lot of concentrated sleep in that room. It's in the walls. It radiates out of the glow-in-the-dark stars still stuck to the ceiling. The new bed made no difference. For the first days, I slept 12 hours a night and took naps during the day. I didn't know I was so exhausted until I collapsed.

It's been a great week. I cooked for my parents, took a ride in the Jag with my dad, got a pedicure with my mom. Mom and I took my Mima to the movies to see Little Miss Sunshine, which was even more awesome th second time ( my mom kept covering her mouth at the good parts, and the language). I have watched too much television, especially CSI, which my parents are also addicted to. We'll be chatting a bit, then one of us will pipe up "SHH! Grissom is saying something!" And we all immediately fall silent and LEAN CLOSER to the television. My mom gave me new running shoes and my dad bought be a beautiful cook book called Culinary Artistry . We have hit several yard sales. I bought cute sweaters for a dollar. I am rereading my old comic books, The Maxx and Tank Girl and the Death graphic novels. We've having a little dinner party and going to the DIA later this week. It's been so gloriously simple. I have needed this.

The most uncomfortably part of my trip so far has been a trip to the OB-GYN. I this doctor much better than my former crotch specialist, and it was good to get some questions answered and a prescription refilled. However, immediately post-OB-GYN, I had to get my passport picture taken. Consequently, my picture's expression is essence of "I just visited my OB-GYN, bringing me closer to a cavity seach than I am comfortable with, so I am going to try and appear extra innocent but wind up looking daft." I also tilted my face to try and hide my double chin, and really only succeeded in displaying insides of my nostrils. Good times. =)
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