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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A Few Reasons Why I Love My Job

"It's very important that you develop a sense of Cheese Confidence."

"This is delicious. Try some."

"For the first while. try to sample five cheese a shift. Once you get more familiar with the case, ,you should still sample anything you haven't seen before when it comes in, and when we open new wheels. This way, you get a sense of how a cheese can vary from wheel to wheel."

"Dude. You totally just put your boob in the Bleu de Bresse."

"Ha! I get to poke the Chateau de Bourgoine."
"But you just poked the Riopelle!"
"But I won."
"It's not fair."
"The Quater of Dispute Settlement is wise and terrible. Do not question it."
"But I want to --"
"You two aren't poking the brie again, are you?"

*interrupting a meeting between The Owner, and the two Almighty Store Managers*
"I would just like you all to know I not only managed to work the slicer, but didn't sever any digits in the process."
*I get genuine applause."

"K won't be in today. He's building snake cages for the reptile show."

"Cut this Telaggio for me."
"Ew. Delicious, yet...the rind."
"I know."
"I get to cut it because I'm new, eh?"
"Damn straight. Cut it good, Cheese Slave."

"That gruyere you sold me changed my life. Can you recommend something else?"

"The Owner brought in some samples she needs our opinion on. Try some of this Mac and cheese."
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