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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

365 days of warm squishies

a preface: many things have happened. I have updated. I am a bad blogger. I am going to try and rectify that with several posts in the next fews days. Forgive my laziness.

* * *

On July 29, this past Saturday, Ed and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary. One year ago, when I still had a lot more hair and a bit more weight, I woke up on a Friday morning, took a bath, started painting my toenails, then suddenly realized that in a handful of hours I would be married. One dress, may hugs, and some greta hugarian food later, Ed and I found ourselves pulling into a B&B about an hour away from Windsor, looking over at each other, realizing that crazy day had just happened to us. We had actually agreed, in front of all our immediate family and some of our very best friends, that we were going to put up with each other for the rest of out lives.

It's been a huge year. Ed started a very good, very demanding new job after languishing away as a contactor for months, while still adjusting to life in a new city and rebuilding a social network form scratch; I, as usual, spent that last 12 months running around like a maniac between writing, work, working on the thesis, finishing classes, teaching, dANDelion, and everything else. It seems like now, finally, we've settled in a bit and are properly adjusting to being married. A year in, it really feels like we're just beginning.

So, to celebrate the herculean victory that was all the crazies and the lovelies from the previous year, we took a drive up into the Kananaskis to stay at a resort for the weekend.
That was the view from our room.

We spent the weekend wandering about the place, which is smack dab in the middle of mountains and trees and doesn't even seem possible. We spent a good deal of time in the indoor-outdoor hot tob (Well, Ed spent a lot of time in it. I'd quickly get too hot, get out, jump in the pool to cool off, sit by the edge, gradually ease back in, get too hot...). We also sat outside wrapped in large fluffy bathrobes and played New Super Mario Bros.: Battle Mode on our DSes. I napped. Ed had an excellent steak sandwich. The only problem was I wanted to stay a week, not a weekend.

On Sunday morning, Ed and I checked out nicely on time and hdeadded in to Banff to the Banff Springs Fairmont for their Sunday brunch. We'd been told it was expensive, but it was one of those things we simply had to do. We got our three hour parking permit and used all of the time alotted to us. Twice, we were offered the bill and waved it away, as we were just resting, and shortly got up for another plate. It was, as all the reviews said, amazing. I still think about the tequila lime mussles, now and again.

After that, we were planning on wandering around Banff for a few hours, but feeling like a pair of beached wales, we instead drove home and took a much needed, digestion-aiding nap. I was a glrious, restful weekend, and I can't imagine it going any more perfectly. It was what we needed. Next year, we might go back to the south of France. Or we might go back to the exact same place.
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