Natalie Zed: Defying Gravity

Monday, May 08, 2006


It's cherry blossom season and suddenly I can breathe again. Minus one lung colony of spiders adn I feel light enough to pop.

I have come up with a fabulous new weightloss plan: Pertussis! Mucous makes you forget pasta and bacon. None of my pants fit.

The jasmine I though had died last year burst into an incredible yellow spray this weekend. Every heavy bumblebee in Alberta came to visit. I wish we had butterflies here, more that the frail white cabbage butterflies and moths my cats pat to death. I wish we had swallowtails, like in Ontario. And a.rawlings, like in Ontario.

I never want to miss anything again.

Chris Ewart is off on the last leg of his book tour for Miss Lamp. We have so much fun whenever he and Sandy are in our living room. Wine and Mario Kart.

The amount of money I am going to be throwing at Nintendo in the next calendar year is alarming. Ed and I have offically pre-ordered. We considerd...importing. I feel like I've moved up a level, to greenbelt geek. Oh, to be at E3. My soft nerd places yearn for it.

My tulips close daintily at night. This morning they loll open shamelessly. It's finally sunny again.
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