Natalie Zed: Defying Gravity

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Natalie and the Spider take on E3

I stumbled into the bathroom yesterday morning, bleary-eyed, and took off my glasses in preparation for a shower. I love my orange bathroom; I love my double hot water tanks; I love hiding behind my Ikea shower curtain for a few blissful minutes of non-though in the early morning. I turned on the water, stepped in, and prodded with my toe what I thought was a lump of lint or fuzz one of the cats had brought into the tub. The lump of fuzz then scuttled.

I shrieked, leapt out of the tub, and stood, wet, in my living room, shaking. I called Ed at work, then hung up. What was he going to do, come home ten minutes into his day to get rid of the spider? I dried off, paced, bit my nails.

I peeped back in the bathroom. Still there. Every time it moved I would jump back and do a dance of disgust, like it was about to leap out at me. I tried making fun of myself. Still had the jibblies.

Finally, I poured water on it until it balled up and went down the drain. Then I ran water, full blast, for a good 20 minutes. It could be clinging inside the pipe. I then had the most unrelaxing shower of my life, standing as far away from the drain as I could and examining every fold in my bath puff for other spiders before I could use it.

I think I have a phobia. I don't have time for a phobia. I just really, really wish spider would stop MOVING in that WAY. It is DISTURBING.


Anyway. The launch is going well. Stressful, so much to do, but everything is well. Really well. It is going to be an awesome party, excellent performances, good snacks and drink and company. BE THERE THIS FRIDAY, MAY 12th. Art Gallery of Calgary. 6pm. Jagatha Christies, Donato Mancini, Neil Scott, DJ. Hells Yes.

In other news, Sony's showing at E3 is abysmal -- their system is overpriced and the technology seems thrown together, and they have not a single game for the PS3 I am even vaguely interested in (though, like Katamari Damacy, I COVET Loco Roco for the PSP). They are going to get creamed in this console war. Nintendo, by contrast, looks even better than I had hoped. Dorky name or not, I am getting a Wii at the earliest possible opportunity. Miyamoto playing tennis? Awesome. Able to steer and swing a sword and shoot a gun? Amazing. Hand it over. I want to play.

The Xbox continues to do its thing -- very pretty, lots of peripherals, Xbox Live doing well -- it's just not exactly my thing. I don't really need pretty. I want FUN. I am not into FPSs, But I want to play that new WarioWare: Smooth Moves game so bad my organs of goofiness ache with longing. Guys is armour shooting energy weapons at robots and monsters again pretty backgrounds I have seen and done before and also the summary of EVERY NEW GAME FOR THE XBOX. Seriously. Sony disappointed me. MS has left me satisfied but unmoved. Nintendo as made me squee in shameless, fangirl glee.

Ed and I have also preordered 2 DSLites and The New Super Mario Brothers. Last night, we had tea while watching live E3 coverage on TechTV, and longed together for our Lites, and for Will Wright's game spore, and the ability to pictochat with each other -- oh the penises we will send back and forth. And it was at that moment I realized, again, that we are perfect for each other.
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