Natalie Zed: Defying Gravity

Thursday, April 06, 2006

I'm an addict, it's cool, I feel alive...

First, updates: The stove apparently works! Also, after some schedule flummery, the plumber has fixed the shower! Glorious, glorious shower.


Usually, I get up when Ed does. The alarm has gone off, there's shuffling going on, and the cats are curious as to why I am still burrowed under the covers when some OTHER humans are already up and about. This morning, however, a thermal detonator could have gone off in the neighbourhood and I would have continued sleeping. I was dreaming -- sadly enough, I was dreaming that I had been writing my thesis, but it was going well, so it was definitely a good dream. Ed tried to be quiet for a while, but then, just before he had to leave, the little germ of PURE EVIL that nestles somewhere is his cortex suddenly sprung to life. He decided to conduct an experiment.

He made me a cup of tea. How sweet. And I suppose he didn't want the tea to get cold before I woke up to drink it. So he brought the tea into the bedroom and held it a few inches from my face, where the sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet tea aroma begam to caress my olfactory nerve.

In my dream...the most delicious scent. Calling me to waking. I walked towards the light --

To confront my grinning husband, a mug of blessed tea, and the fact that I think I have a caffeine addiction. Sigh.
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