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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Things that have recently rocked my world

Isn't it nice when a good fairy decided to hover over you for a while?

-- My trip to Toronto. In general, I had an absolute blast. It was great to see everyone again, and Gennie (along with Merlin, Wizarding Dog Extraordinaire) was the most generous and phenomenal hostess ever. She's the other half of my brain. Whenever I see her (and I have to do something to make it more than twice a year -- several thousand kilometers between me and part of my brain sucks) I feel recharged. I feel creative. I have ideas that push me to finish lingering projects and begin new ones. It's wonderful. She's going to rock her new corporate world. I got to see Em, who I've known since elementary school and who probably knows me better than anyone on the planet because she was actually there to see it all. She's going to be teaching full time by the summer, which would be absolutely awesome for her and I really hope works out. Jess and Tom and Quinn all seem so happy in their beautiful new apartment, and I can't believe how big Quinn has gotten. He's motoring around and becoming a little person-- it's really awesome. I'll have to wish him a happy first birthday from afar. And Vive, of course, is a walking sequin amped up on pixie sticks -- exactly as I left her. You are all beautiful, and I love you. Every time I visit I am struck by the Colossal Unfairness of LIVING ACROSS THE COUNTRY from most of my girlfriends. I was back in my natural environment for a little while, and I loved it. Thanks for everything.

--- While in Toronto, the amazing Angela Rawlings invited me to read during the Open Michelle portion of the lexiconjury reading series. It was an awesome night -- Barbara Cole, Darren Wershler-Henry, and Kenny Goldsmith rocked it out, and the open-michellers were all really challenging and fun. Angela gave me an amazingly kind intro, and I felt like my reading went very well. Everyone was very warm and welcoming and receptive to what I was doing, and I got to meet a ton of people I'd only admired form afar. Anyone even close to the T-dot should check out the lex -- it's a great series run by some great people.

-- I found the world's best hairdresser. She has given me brilliant rock star hair that I love. She, however, is also in bloody Toronto. Looks like I'll only be this hot every six months.

-- In non-Toronto-related goodness, I just found out that I have been accepted to the U of C's PhD program with quite a nice preliminary funding offer. I have been writing like a mad thing, and have renewed faith that I can finish this degree completely on time.

-- there is a red wine I can drink without immediately getting a migraine. It seems that it's the chemicals added to a lot of the North American wines to speed up the fermenting process that was doing it rather than the tannins in the grapes themselves. Mezzomondo, a nice Italian red, doesn't faze me a bit. And it is so, so tasty. And like $10 a bottle. Thank you again, Gennie, for helping me discover good wine that won't kill me, even though this probably means a long and painful experimentation process while I discover what is drinkable.

-- dANDelion got our CC grant in, on time, and completely immaculate. It looks beautiful. It is a work of art. Caralee is a superstar.

So all in all, it's been a great couple of weeks. Hang in there, fairy, there's a lot more semester left to go.
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