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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

the travelling Natalie show

I love Westjet. I really truely do. I loved them just a little more when flights actually made it directly into Windsor, but I'll sett le for ehat I can get to enjoy friendly people and satellite t.v. with Animal Planet and flights that are actually ON TIME. If I can possibly fly with them, I do.

They also have my love because of their seat sales. Every now and again, you get $350 tickets for $179, which is the only way I'll fly. And lo and behold, my dedicated scouring revealed a seat sale directly around my reading break.

So we're taking this show on the road, and later month I'll be visiting Toronto again. I love Toronto. It's a bit of a shame that I neve officially lived there, although there's been more than one summer/season where it seems I was visiting up there more than I was living at home. It's a big dirty city with innumerable places to poke around and hide and find fabulous things. I have very dear friends there. I am unreasonably excited to be going back.

I'll get to see Vive, (and co.), Emily, and Genia (whom I'll be staying with), who I didn't get to see nearly enough around Christmas and who I miss desperately. We went through STUFF together, me and these people. They are responsible for the fact that I can look back on parts of my ridiculous life and actually smile, actually remember things fondly. If I have one true regret about my wedding, which was otherwise perfect, it was that these very dear friends couldn't be there to celebrate with me. That's not perfectly true -- one of the very last things I did single was a trip to Toronto to see them, so they were definitely a part of that time, but I thought about them on the day of my wedding and wished they were there, physically, to share that day.

Woo. I write ugly sentences when I get all squishy-like.

I am so thrilled to be seeing you guys. As my pack my bottomless knapsack and dig out my walking shoes and mock myself for my grown-up clothes, I fervently hope a itme comes when we're all living together in the same city again. The world might never be the same.
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