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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

best husband ever

This is what happened when I finally got home on Valentine's day:

Ed has beat me in the door by a grand total of 10 minutes, just enough time to set up a rented Playstation 2 and fire up Katamari Damacy (the best game ever created). It's the most purely, blissfully fun game I have ever played, but have balked at buying a whole other system just to play a single (albeit trancendant) game. Also, I'd like you, you know, accomplish things now and again.

So we played Katamari Damacy, and ate a huge plate of mac and cheese together (witrh little hearts drawn in ketchup), and went to bed at 9:45pm. We read together for a little while, the cats sleeping on our ankles, for maybe an hour or so before a sweet, early sleep claimed us both.

This is why I married my husband. Because renting a PS2 was genuinely the coolest thing he could have done for me right now. I've been -- not so much working hard as getting up at 7am, blinking, and finding that I really ought to go to bed soon. Having something so silly, so much fun, that enables me to turn my brain off so completely for a little while, is exactly what I needed.

I dreamed I had to make a toothpick star, and was both amused and put out because the resulting katamari was so oddly shaped and almost impossible to control I started playing with my feet to prove it wouldn't make a difference. I can't stop humming the music.

Ed rules.
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