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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

What's shiny and maroon and goes vroom?

Our new car!

*game show music plays*

We were not expecting to get a car so suddenly. We were looking. We knew we wanted a Toyota Corrolla. We considered getting a new one, then ultimately decided to get something we could pay for out right. We tried a few private sales with little success, happened to call a dealership to find a car we were interested has been sold withing hours of arriving on the lot...but, the helpful sales guy informed us, there was another car. One in our price range. They'd even pay for our cab fare out there.

We chat with the coolest cab driver I've ever had in this city, and arrive at this dealership out in the absolute boonies (closer to Airdrie than Calgary proper). We shook hands with our the used car dealer, took in the sheer hugeness of the shiny, shiny new facility...then spotted her.

I think its a her. Ed refuses to anthropomorphize his car, but I am quite convinced it's a her. Excellent test drive, looks and sounds right pretty, new everything, and just exactly in our price range with all the taxes. She was there, she was lovely, and we could pay cash for her. We left our deposit and were giddy the whole way home.

On the ride, we got the same cab driver (for his coolness), and he told us to look up his insurance company, that had always treated him very well. I called this morning, and got a quote that was well over a thousand dollars cheaper than any other estimate we had come up with. Our temporary insurance papers were emailed over and our policy activated immediately. Tonight, we're getting out plate and registration, and the bank draft. Tomorrow at 7, we pick up the car.

We've been happy without a car. Public transit has been veyr good, and I certainly wil continue to use it most of the time. But now I'll be able to get groceries without carrying them all on the bus, or even go to Costco with ed just for the free samples, or visit friends in Canmore just because. It feels like we're grown-ups.

From her slightly rock-chipped Maroon paint job to her multiple-dead-body-sized trunk, there is something about our new expensive baby that gives me the feeling we're going to have a long and beautiful vehicular relationship.
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