Natalie Zed: Defying Gravity

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Things I Learned Saturday Night:

- when everything is stlightly fuzzy, it's a good buzz. When a few things come suddenly into terrifying focus, and the rest of the room begins to melt, its gone bad.
- there are some neat white wines coming out of France right now, and some of the basics on how to serlect a good scotch and armangac
- I can no longer put my foot behnd my head
- gin and tonic + jaggermeister + sambuca + jack daniels = bad.
- belgian endive stuffed with blue cheese and apple is delicious
- less so on the encore
-when you get sick, people are either extremely nice to you or transform into sadictic, foot grabbing bastards.
- I can still cook bacon and some killer scrambled eggs the morning after without getting ill.
- hiding your alcohol under pizza boxes ensures it doesn't get stolen when drunks start to scavenge

Questions I Still Have After Saturday Night:

- where did my socks go?
- why is my foot sticky?
- why was my right incisor chipped?
- why is there a temporary tatoo of a skull and crossbones of my left breast?
- Why were there little burn marks on my fingertips? and suspiciously burnt out sparklers strewn about?
- why is Ed wearing an eyepatch?
- Is that ketchup? I really hope its ketchup. oh dear.

Happy Birthdays to Paul and Chris Ewart. I celebrate to excess in your honour.

And an extra special happy birthday to my Dad. Go Dad!
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