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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

tastes like...burning

I just finished my first doctoral sshrc application. I have absolutely no idea how I feel about it. I've been working on it anf fretting about it for weeks now, and to finally drop that neat stack of meticulously organzied and paperclipped pages into someone else's hands feels...wierd. I woke up this morning thinking I still had to work on it, just change that one -- oh. it's gone. Hmm. I suppose I'll try to make peanut brittle instead.

It's by dad's birthday. He loves peanut brittle. Loves. So I tried to make it. The first attempt was a complete disaster. I am still having flashbacks about the blackened sugar. This time, I think I took the sugar off to early, out of fear of burning it again, because it hasn't colled to completely solid...more a vaguely coagulated stickiness. I stuck it in the oven for as long as I dared to see if I could bake any more moisture out of it. If that doesn't work...hmm. Maybe I could send them as candied peanuts. They still smell lovely. Yeah. And, you know, promise to take him out to dinner as soon as we're all in the same province.

Once all Kitchen Emergencies are accounted for, today shall be my Day of Organization. My home office looks like the nest of a small mammal, if said mammal has a particular penchant for academic articles. I've been gathering things for professor X for a couple of weeks now, but havn't had a chance to coallate, organize, or otherwise prod the material into any order recognizeable to anyone but me. Hence, today, I staple, smooth, make notes, and formulate gorgeous bibliographies, caressing my MLA handbook like gollum caressed the ring. Mmmm. citation-y goodness.

hmm. black smoke. let me go check on that.

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