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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

life and times

...which I am seriously behind on.

so, ladies and gents, it's time for another summary! The Cheat, turn on those shnazzy bullet points. Oh Yeah. Pointy goodness.

-The reading with Stephen Cain was a great deal of fun and seemed to go over very well. The exhibit in TNG made the reading feel a thought it was taking place in The Fish Matrix. Fiddy came up to me afterwards, while everyone was milling about, and said "You read very well. Write something new." We ended up at the Drm&Monkey for a while, where Paul and Prof. X got into a fierce head-to-head battle to claim the highscore in Galaga. It warmed my heart.

- My presentation (on Stephen Cain's book, delivered while said Stephen Cain was sitting right next to me) went very well. I confirmed that my ability to crack wise is in no way encumbered by the fact the object of my dubious attentions is sitting in the chair next to me.

- I think I am getting close to being able to sleep with my eyes open.

- The colloquia was a lot of fun, an excuse to bake, and everyone read beautifully. I chose people I ahve not heard read often enough, and I think that was a good choice -- it seems I am not the only one that wanted Sharanpal, Nathan, Jay and Kathryn yo get some more air time. The chapbook I made was outwardly loverly, but the folks at The-Place-Of-Binding-and-Copying-That-Shall-Remain-Unnamed screwed up the final section. Gah. Time for a Limited Edition Reprint, I think. Maybe Ed will buy me a laser printer for Christmas.

- The trip to Windsor was a blast, but exhausting. Ed's mom looked better that I thought she would, seems on the mend, but is clearly still very tired and healing, and need to rest much more. His dad is great, gathered me into this huge bear hug and grins when I teaste Ed. My parents seem to be doing very well (though I really wish my dad would GO TO THE DOCTOR when he's been bothered by something FOR MONTHS but he WON'T because he is STUBBORN.), my brother looks great (and somewhere along the way became hysterically funny. Anyone else have this experience, where you've always had a younger sibling that you knew was pretty cool, but then you haven't seen them for a little while and you realise this kid is *hilarious* and are very glad you don't drive because you're laughing so hard you cna't see). Everyone exclaimed over my hair (I was told, variously, that I look younger, older, like a dutch girl, like a boy, and shorter). My mom is the best cook in the world. We saw Beauty and the Beast (the musical), which was *awesome* and very special because we're very close to most of the cast adn all the leads (you guys did an amazing job. you're beautiful). We got to drop by an after party and go for latenight Harvey's drivethrough and see the Goblet fo Fire (it's awesome). We saw Red and Jen Small and the Bacarros, and it was really winderful. The flights were uneventful and almost pleasant. We somehow needed an edxtra suitcase for stuff after being there only 3 days. I love dollarama. Ed has new jeans. Only 3 more weeks until we're back, and after this little jaunt, I am really missing everyone again and looking forward to seeing everyone as soon as we can.

-We made the downpayment on out Thailand trip. 8 more months to go. I am aglow.

-The magazine launch planning is going extremely well.

-I can't wait to collapse.

This concludes today's performance of Bullet Point Theatre.
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