Natalie Zed: Defying Gravity

Thursday, November 10, 2005

the girl with kaleidoscope eyes

I won a kaleidodcope award! Because Prof. X is awesome, he nominated me for one and the literary gods decided to smile on me once again. I feel like a great comforting, cash-laden hand just reached down to relieve all my anxiety about Christmas presents. Thanks a million, Prof. X. Being your humble office slave definitely has its advantages. I shall photocopy with extra diligence this week. =)

The new hair, I must say, is pretty damn nice. I again explained to the stylist that I wanted married grad student hair, and am pleased with the result. She used a straight razor to cut most of it, for a 'softer effect,' which I may have made a difference but mostly looked really cool while it was happening. My neck feels kind of naked, and it is just short enough that putting it up is a bit awkward. Being encouraged to wear my hair down is a good thing. I think I look a little like a '50s era housewife, but with a 'tude and a penchant for gadgetry.

Ed very kindly kept the cats away from me this morning, so though I didn't wake up surrounded by purring feline love, I was able to sleep until 9am. It was glorious. It was almost nine hours. I feel like swaning around in a bathrobe to celebrate the luxury of it.

Instead, I work. For the time is nigh for me and my army of Undead Carrots to conquor the world!
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