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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Creamy Cheesy Cheesy Cream

Best new website dicovery ever: The Springbank Cheese Company. I know what my folks are getting for christmas. Forget flowers, folks: cheese is the way to go.

In case you can't tell, my breakfast consisted of toast, a green apple, and some slivers of the best Lancashire I have ever had in my life. My morning improved dramatically at breakfast.

Which was good, because the first part of it was kind of suck. I shut my cats out of the bedroom at about 5am because they were jumping on my face. I pulled the door shut, heard it click. Minutes later, they were back in the room. Do my cats have hands, like that creepy online video? secret hands they only use to open the bedroo door? I better keep them well fed or they'll steal my tongue.

Whe I did get up around 7:30, I found that the cats had knocked over the flowers some time ago. The flower water saoked my little handwritten recipe book, pooled under my mixer, and saturated some mail I hadn't had a chance to open. I hope my credit card company didn't have anything pressing to say to me. The floweres had been out of water long enough that there was little hope for them, so I reluctantly threw them away. They were 8 days old, and would have made it to the end of the week at least (these had a fragile constitution, but I do flower voodoo. Plants live for me.) But a couple of hours and some chewing has decimated them. Goodbye, gerberas, I hardly knew ye.

Also, festering in the sink, is one of the most hideous piles of dishes ever. EV-AR. I would be passive-aggressive and leave them for the dish fairy to do, eventually, but the smell has driven me completely from the apartment into the office down the hall. I can't hide in here forever, but the prospect of tackling them is also making me queasy. Dishes and cramps to not a happy me make.

So...I am getting a haircut! Swizzle Sticks in Kensington, into which I have often looked longingly but never gone in, had an opening this morning...immediately filled by me. Muwahaha. I think I am going for the Young, Sexy Martha Stewart look again, perhaps with a slightly punky edge. Does that even vaguely work? eh. We'll see. If it really goes badly, I can always just dye it blue.
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