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Monday, October 03, 2005

you know what I see outside my window?


I think you can fill in the rest of the rant here yourselves.

As the great d.b. pointed out last night, blogs are meant to be updated now and again. It's been a little crazy around here, but I find myself with a handful of minutes to myself, so it's time again for your regularly scheduled program.

I got to see Susan Holbrook read last week. She was one of my profs back in Windsor, a great source of support, and one of the all-around sweetest people on the face of the earth. She has a baby now, a beautiful little girl with her eyes, and she and Laurie look absolutely radiant in their new mommyhood. Susan read from Good Egg, Bad Seed; she has a rare sense of humour that helps her sweetly, politely steal every show she has ever been a part of. It was great to see her, and made me miss the English department at Windsor a bit. It's a tiny, intimate program filled with spetacular people and, despite the fact that I was SO DONE being an undergraduate by the time I finally finished, I was very happy there.

dANDelion seems to be relatively on scedule, to my great delight. The first major editorial meeting, as well as a scheduling and budgeting meeting with the board, were both rather successful. It's a job capable of eating up huge chunks of my time if I let it, so I thinkI just have to be judicious about exactly how much of my life I am willing to feed the magazine's gaping maw. It's evil, and unexpectedly fun.

Yesterday was a great football day. I missed breakfast and a possible trip to the Farmer's Market to cook Tara, Ed and I breakfast at home and watch a couple of excellent games. Denver neatly routed Jacksonville, and despite the fact that my fantasy teams' performances have been anemic at best, my mental football space is a happy space right now. Afterwards, there was drinking at the KP with friends. Not the most productive day that ever there was, but a very good one.

Now I have to finish preparing for a presentation tomorrow, and bake a bit more, and do an insane amount of grocery shopping with Ed. Sometimes, I think that if I wasn't this busy, I'd be unhappy and probably very fat.
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