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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

post post-prairie

Everyone involved with the launch of Post-Prairie, the amazing new anthology edited by Robert Kroetsch and John Paul Fiorentino, should be darn proud of themselves. It's a smart-lookin' book that happily got an excellent reception, and should be lauded and purchased by all. I got a free press copy and still bought one, because I am just that cool. remember this, your holiness, when I show up to couch surf at your place the next time I'm in Montreal. I'll bake sugar-free pies to throw at the conservatives. =)

Went to Margaret Christakos' reading yesterday -- she's as lovely as ever, reminds me that lyric is doing something pretty amazing, something Karen Solie often body-slams me with as well. Her book, Sooner, was given to me in exchange for some timely lemon cake, and now sits proudly on the Signed Stuff shelf. That's where all my resources are truly tied up. If anyone wants to loot my place, the books and the standing mixer are where all the cash is tied up. Good luck sneaking out. =)

Ed and I saw Wallace and Gromit last night. I was no expecting the camera work to be so stunning, or for it (like Shrek) to ahve found that perfect balance between kids and adult humor, or to be quite moving at a point or two. Aardman animations always blows me away, but it seems no matter how high I set my bar, they still leave me in a bit of awe. Of course, I was in an excellent mood last night -- I made some crispy salmon with a new potato, spring onion and crab meat salad, and it turned out shockingly well. Gordon Ramsey, how do I love thee. Ed may have his football, but I have Hell's Kitchen. I want to learn to make his perfect scrambled eggs and have his snarky British babies.


Parergon's visit this weekend was lovely -- having not seen each other is over a year, and then havng the chance to spend time together twice in as many months has been really nice. One of the slightly sad things about having amazing, academic, brilliant friends is that they scatter. Pieces of my heart from highschool now reside in Winnipeg and Toronto, and my CW coterie from my undergrad have wandered as far as New Brunswick and Whitby and Korea.

All praises to the interweb, whose cold, spindly fingers toss a few words for me to people I love.
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