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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Satellite Installation: Take Two

There is something about an overcast morning that makes the moment of waking up feel earlier and the apartment outside the actual bed feel colder than it actually is. The slanty light is this and murky, and despite the fact the cats whine for you to get up and feed them, dammit, the urge to burrow into the flannel and duck down is overwhelming.

I did not succumb to the temptation to reamain snug abed on this morning, however. Not today. For this morning is the morning that a kindly Bell technician will ring my doorbell, install a magic box atop my computer connected to an even more magical reciever (ultra-magically adhered to the roof). This will bring the Schmutzes the wonder, the glory, the profound brain-pureeing nirvana, of satellite television.

But how can it be? How can one of the literati so sing the praises of devices of tawdry, underwhlming mass media? Football. That's right. We Schmutzes are proud members of the church of the NFL. I can't *wait* till this Sunday. I am going to make a crapload of ribs and/or chicken wings, crack open a beer or three, and scream my bloody head off.

I even remembered to have a signed permission letter from my landlords on hand so that we can actually have the blasted thing *installed* this time. Sigh.

So. Classes. The official beginning of another year. This week is sort of the opening, warmuo week for me -- the academic preseason if you will -- chock full of meetings and orientations and parties and prep, but classes haven't quite begin yet. It's a time of transition, time to kiss the sweet lackadaisical pace of the past few months a fond farewell and embark on a brain-smoosing 10 months that might just have a defense and an MA degree at the end of it. And, you know, a trip to Thailand.

I have been thinking about Thailand a lot. Ed and I didn't have a honeymoon -- neither of us had the time, the money, or really the inclination to travel again after just having gotten home from a jaunt to Ontario. We decided to save for an extra year instead so that we could do something fantastic next summer. A 40-day tropical adventure seemed to fit the bill nicely, and the website Free and Easy Tours put together is, shall we say, convincing. I want pad thai and fresh fruit, bungalows and hammocks, beaches and colourful birds and everything strange, wonderful and completely unfamiliar to me. Perfect for a forst anniversary, I think.

I have been thinking about Thailand a lot primarily becasue it is still so cold around here. Yesterday really, truly felt like fall. There was a biting crispness in the air that had me closing my windows for the first time since May. It also *smelled* like fall -- something brittle and bright that makes me long for cinnamon and sweet potatoes and savory baked goods. I consoled myself by making soup yesterday -- a big pot of the chicken-and-everything soup that my mom always made on the first weekend that scarves were starting to look like a good idea. today I am going to buy a small loaf of some good, crusty bread to go with it and hope chickeny goodness brimming with carrots and potatoes and scallions can keep out the nipping chill.

(Note: I hate potato peelers. Divesting a potato of its waxy red skin yesterday, I managed to divest myself of a good portion of the skin on my fingers. Ed is so on peeling duty from now on.)

Everything begins again, all at once. I fancy for the rest of my life the beginning of the year has nothing to do with a dubious January celebration involving a giant disco ball and drinking so many gin and tonics I misplace my pants a break a desk. This is the new year for me. I ring in the beginning with big pink erasers and blue lined paper, ankle boots and raked leaves, spiced brandy and pumpkin pie, and a new set of classes and projects for which I swear to be the best and most responsible student ever.
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