Natalie Zed: Defying Gravity

Wednesday, September 21, 2005




I feel better.

I ahve one reason for why I have not been updating more reasonably and frequently: meetings. The last two weeks seem to have blurred together into one solid lumpen mass of meeting. I am also beginning to suspect that 'meeting' is a code word for "generating more work -- particularly for that spry young Natalie Zed over there who clearly doesn't have enough to do already -- and hey, if we're very clever, we can make the work sound *interesting*, so she might even volunteer for it? Oh, we're so deliciously evil."

And then the meeting person sips his infernal brandy and chuckles brimstone while faint screams echo in the distance.

I am positive it happens exactly like that.

I when I finally fell into bed last night, I vaguely (and probably deliriously) mumbled something to dear Ed about how it had been a hell of a week.

"Um, 'been?'" he asked sweetly. "Nat, you do know it's only Tuesday, right?"

And I honestly didn't believe him -- I thought he was preying on my weakened state, as my darling husband is occaisionally wont to do. But it is indeed only Wednesday morning, which makes me suspect that the rest of the world is in cahoots with him.

But enough bellyaching. Life is good, is very busy. My classes are turning out to be excellent, even if I am taking an extra-half credit, and I think the slight overload is going to be totally worth it. dANDelion is really coming together; my Assistant Editor and I are starting to feel like a team, and it is really cool to have things Getting Done on an almost daily basis. I have a bit of committee work on my plate, but it too seems really fun and rewarding.

I've got a feeling this is going to be a good year.
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