Natalie Zed: Defying Gravity

Monday, August 22, 2005

Hot Damn. Let's do that again!


Thanks to everyone who came over Saturday. We had the awesomest time ever. It was exactly what we wanted -- spending time with good friends who were genuinely happy for us. Thank you for all of you congratulations and kind wishes. Thanks for the tasty and lovely things you brought over, thanks for filling our back yard with happy people, thanks for making sure I have no leftovers to clean up (y'all rock!), and thanks for playing Double Dash with us. To everyone who couldn't make it: we love you too and know your thoughts were with us. And fear not: if the truly ridiculous pile of empties in my kitchen has anything to say for itself, it's that we all had a drink for you. Damn. That pile is so ridiculous, I am surprised it hasn't started to talk and give advice to fraggles.

Things finally cleared out at 3am. Ed and I did a little picming up, drank a heck of a lot of water, and passed out in a heap topped by two exhausted cats. The next morning found us again regaining consciousness at the crack of noon and stumbing down to Dairy Lane to meet some of the more stalwart party contingent for more fabulous breakfast. And the blueberry pancakes? rule. Soom we wre all stuffed to the gills and making various sounds of overfilled contentment.

Needing an activity that would get us moving and prevent us from getting the "pork sweats" afert OD'ing on bacon, a group of us went to the the Farmer's Market at the Curry Barracks. This was my first Market experience...and I'll admit I went a little apeshit. I got fresh leeks and organic beef and orange blossom honey and the most loverly blackberries....heh. I have so many plans. My kitchen won't know what hit it. Mwahaha.

Anyhoo, off to mail some letters, have lunch with an incoming grad student, help some friends move, cook something yummy, and play video games all night. I like my life. =)
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